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Island Printz is an apparel company that celebrates relationships and makes them memorable and everlasting with something as simple and wonderful as similar clothes and things. We started out in St.Lucia  and after five glorious years , we have decided to spread our love all over the world to keep up with the high demand of international orders! In a time where styles keep changing by the minute, we stand out because of our style, quality and our aesthetics. We continue to go strong by empowering relationships and spreading smiles across peoples’ faces. Celebrate life and let us make you happy each and every day because we have something for everyone! Happy shopping!


We are a brand that is made by customers and their ideas hence we make sure we live by their expectations. We want every penny that you spend to be worth it and so we take utmost care in manufacturing and make sure our quality is top-notch. Because of this we have over a half a million and counting happy customers worldwide! All our collections are made to match international standards and stitched to perfection. 

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